Please read the policy before you get a reservation.


**Notification of an additional policy due to COVID-19**





We have reopened the villa since June 1st.

Therefore, our new policy for use of the property has been updated by this pandemic.

Please follow them for your safety.



1. We limit it to one group that can be used per day until the end of June*.

This is because multiple groups should not meet and share the property. 

Even though, in a group made by some people until 10 is allowed.

Although, when people get together from different prefectures such as friends, 

It sounds not really safe for all. Please, gather the members of the group from your family living together

or live in the same prefecture in Japan unless you need it.   

*For the situation in July & August, we can not limit it as much as June because it's our season of business. 

Therefore, we will ask you to keep the temperature check and hand wash every time when you are all in the communal area.  



2. Do not go to the local grocery store on the island unless you need it. 

*Please bring what you need from the mainland. 

Although, you can go to the restaurant by the beach.


*When guests stay longer they will need some extra shopping here. 

Therefore, When you really need to buy groceries at the shop,  

Please corporate us to go to the shop alone in the afternoon. 

Because, most of the elderly people here are going shopping in the morning. 



3. Do not pass the residential area.

*When you come to the villa, please pass the beach side also when leaving.




4. About the temperature check,

We would be grateful if you could ask your people to measure their body temperature 

right after waking up and before going to bed as 2 times in a day.  

At that time, considering the normal heat of each person, please let us know if you have a fever of 37.2 degrees or more.



5. Please keep the social distance in between all the others all the time when you leave your home until you are back.

This is what we regulate for the due.

Hope it works for your safety.


If you have any suggestions, please help us to make it better!!


Thank you!!






-------------- Notice (the usual policy) ---------------




1. About taking the passenger boat to the island.


The villa is located on the remote island called Shiraishi island.

Therefore, It's needed to take the passenger boat to come over here, and It's around 30 mins by sailing.

And, the last boat toward Shiraishi island is at 5:47 pm from the mainland (Sumiyoshi sea port).

If you will be in Kasaoka main land side until evening, you might need to come to the island by charter ferry (from 8,000 yen for one way). 

Please make it on time. The time schedule check down below.


Sanyo-kisen ferry website


Ferry schedule In this website



2. About where your check-in and out.


Check-in from 2 pm and Check-out until 10 am.


*DO NOT NEED TO PICK UP THE KEY AT THE SHOP FRONT OF THE PORT that is a usual rule not due to Covid-19.

PLEASE, GO STRAIGHT TO THE VILLA, and the manager will wait for you with the key on site.  


The room key could open both of the doors which are the entrance and your room door.  

When you leave the villa, please lock the room door and the entrance door with the key.

*When you check out, please leave the key on the lobby table. 

Thank you for your big corporation!! 



3. About our toiletries.


We provide 2 types of free towels as for body and face.

If you need more it will be 100 yen per towel. 

The bathroom is equipped with body soap, shampoo & conditioner.

And the 2 washrooms have a hair dryer each.

Although, we don't provide body sponges and teeth brushes & pastes and robes.

Please bring these things for yourself or buy one for you from the shop on the island.


Amano store (The supermarket on the island.)

Address: Shiraishi island 747 Kasaoka Okayama

Shop hour: 8 am to 6 pm

*No scheduled holiday 

Vegetables, breads, meats, commodities, alcohol's etc are available to get.



4. About payment.


During your stay at the villa, the site manager Moyo Muya (Tanzanian) will collect the fee of your stay on site until you check out.

Most of the time, He collects it as soon as you arrive at the villa.

* We do not collect the fee outside of the site usually.



5. About meals.


We do not serve any meals at the villa.

Please cook yourself in our complete kitchen or bbq stove and tools.

Or eat out to the restaurant on the beach called "Sanshan's" & "Twilight Hotel OTAFUKU". 

It's a casual dining style. no need to get reserved for Summertime.

*Although, They will close sometime suddenly. 

If you really need to eat at the restaurant, please make sure that they are open.


Twilight Hotel OTAFUKU (6/6 reopening)

Phone: 0865-68-3501

Inquiry Business Hours: 9:00-18:00

No regular holiday

Menu: curry, pasta, pizza lunch,

Italian dinner (course meal) *reservation required

Izakaya (there is a manu of all you can drink.)



Phone: 0865-68-3169 (Japanese support only)

Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00 (last order 8:30)

No regular holiday

Menu: Fish dishes, bowls, etc. You can also have a barbecue with advance reservation.

*Reservation required in winter. Saturdays and Sundays may be a holiday even in summer.

Advance reservations are recommended when visiting our store.



6. About Wi-fi.


On the site the access free wi-fi is available.

When you turn on your wi-fi setting on your phone, it will be online itself.

No need to type the password and access cord.



7. About Sea activities.


From May to October, Kayaking, 

Windsurfing are available to ride from the beach.

 Per person an hour: 1,000 yen

 (beach parasol: 1,000 yen, swim ring: 500 yen (Small and large)



8. About the cancellation.


Free cancellation until before 24 hours of your check-in (At 2 pm of before a day).

All the other circumstances are needed 100% of the first night of your reservation fee. 

We will ask you to make a payment by bank transfer.



It's all about the information from us. 

If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us.







Reservation form of Shiraishi Island International Villa


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