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shiraishijima bamboo forest hiking path

 The location


Shiraishi-Island (Shiraishi-jima) has an area 2.86 km² that belongs to the archipelago

in Kasaoka Okayama Prefecture.

The highest score 169 m (Tateishi-mountain).

The current population is 504 (2017)

The island is designated as a scenic spot of the country.

shiraishijima bamboo forest hiking path

 Hiking paths.


Shiraishi-island is one of island of inland sea in Japan.

go to the beautiful beach or go to the trail road that guides you all directions in the island.

Have a good one!!

shiraishijima beach summer

 Shiraishi island beach


In Summer, 

We want you to come to spend your day on the Beach.

it's quite clean and clear water.

shiraishi ferry car ferry

 Shiraishi ferry ”SANYOU”

白石フェリー さんよう

This is an island.  so, the only way of transportation goes to the island is Ferry.

It's slow as 45 mins to arrive to Shiraishi-island by the car ferry.  Although, the view from the Car ferry is so Gorgeous and makes you feel Relax.

The final sailing toward to Shiraishi and even toward to Kasaoka is 5:50 pm.

*Please be sure, Do not miss it !! 

shiraishijima fiserman

 Shiraishi-jima fisherman’s union


The fishing industry flourished in the island in old times.

the island decrease in population caused by a declining birth rate and increased population aging.  Even today under such circumstances,

still a few people are working as fisherman.

in August, you may  be able to see this sight. 

It's a shrimp kind called GARA-EBI is drying in the sun.    

shiraishi jima mulberry organic fulit

 Shiraishi-jima Wild mulberry tree


Shiraishi-island is Famous for it's Mulberry tree.  

 It is harvests from May to June.

We have been harvesting over 3 ton berries each year,

and make own products to share our precious fruits to out of the island.

You can join to pick the berries together with us during the season. 

Shiraishi Bon dance Japanese traditional dance

Shiraishi Bon Odori


One of our pride is Shiraishi Bon Dance, which is the traditional dance.It is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. All of the islander belong to ”Shiraishi Bon dance Preservation Association”.

The characteristic of this dance is more than 10 kinds of dance, such as men dance and women dance and so on, are performed with one music at the same time.

We cannot find this type of Bon Dance at other place.

In the history, People began to dance to mourn for the people who died during the Genpei war.  The dance performs at night on the beach in every August(13th to 16th).And In Late years, We are holding a special tour in every July.

siraishijima pilgrimage  henro Kobo-daishi

 Shiraishi-jima pilgrimage


In Japan, When it comes to Henro-michi, people think nothing better than Shikoku,

But, there is Miniature henro-michi in the island can be reached by 2 ~ 4 hours. 

This will be really good for your first Henro-michi experience.

It's our beautiful precious.