Fishermen experience(未定です)

Season : all year round  

3,000 yen/ per person

(takes 2 hours)


Fishing is one of  the main industry in island.

You can be the one of the fisherman.

If you also participate the Hot pot at home, the fishes that you catch can cook  as "Hot pot", "Maki-Sushi", "Sashimi" and eat with people on the island together in their house.



hot pot at HOmE(未定です)


Season : winter (October to April)

5000 yen/ for person

Maximum : Four (over 2 people will be discount price.

                            ex: for 2 = 6,500 yen for 4 = 9,500 yen)


Fishing and vegetable harvesting from a farm on the island. nice and tasty food in memorial time at home.


Mulberry picking and tasting(未定です)

Season : Spring (April to May)

2,000yen/ per person

(2 hours)


Let's pick the Mulberries!!

We make "mulberry mix juice",

and taste the "Ice cream", "fruits tea", "leaf tea" made by people on the island together.

Pick the berries under the spring's sky feels .